Black hole survival

Shared by MR in a PTSD Facebook Group.



The Black Hole/Pit is like quicksand. The more you struggle, the worse it gets. The key is to “float”. Clear your mind and relax your body by learning and practicing Mindfulness. Concentrate on your breathing and body sensations. Allow your feelings to “pass through you and around you” without judgement, without reaction. This will allow you to float up slowly to the top of the pit. ~WPY

One of my counselors called this ‘sitting with my emotions.’  When flooding of emotions is severe it was helpful to be able to contact my counselor.  Since I completed my counseling, I learned to try to pass myself as to how much emotion I process at a time.  Once I am past the dark patches, distractions, art and other low level activities like crocheting, washing dishes, and watching cooking shows or other easy watching.  More input like video games and intense shows can actually ramp up my anxiety.  If weather is not too severe (hot or cold) I enjoy walking and taking pictures.  I think one of the basic human errors is trying to take on a marathon in 15 minutes or less.  Unrealistic expectations makes things worse. Some days if all I did that day was not sink lower into a dark hole than it was a good day.

Thanks to MR for willingly sharing her Art work.

The following is two of my drawings trying to express how I feel some times.

When my son saw this drawing, he commented, “Hey Mom, that’s how you think.”

My counselor agreed that I think in collage.


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