Doesn’t change facts

Denial doesn’t change facts.  It is like the little kid hiding the cookie behind their back for anyone else to see then shaking their head no; they didn’t take a cookie.  Really Didn’t.  They keep shaking their head like the denial will change the facts.  It is a universal theme.  Dorthy is told to ignore the man behind the current in the Wizard of Oz.  Listen to the scary music and you tell the idiot actress “do not go in the basement.”  They deny their own feeling that something bad is about to happen.  I like the Will Smith quote in Get Shorty, “You’re not really paranoid if everyone REALLY IS OUT TO GET YOU, right?” Jumble of thoughts, feelings and what-ifs looming on my horizon.  Denying this is happening doesn’t change the facts that it is happening. Prayers appreciated.

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