Me Too!

Me too is a social campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault, intimidation and pain.  Sadly, I saw one person post it is for WOMEN only….The person felt less because a man claimed the ME Too.  Men are sexually assaulted.  Of all the voices, they are silenced most.  Now, they are being told they cannot speak up because it takes away the women’s right to declare their hurt.  I am going to say that is ridiculous.  I believe the whole world needs to know that their are people that choose to hurt others, men, women, children, teenagers, people.  Sharing Me Too doesn’t lessen someone else sharing the same Me Too.  Why do people feel a need to shut up someone else?  I watched a video about refs and umpires that sexually assault players on the field.  Players can’t complain or they will be ridiculed.  Men are assaulted too.  Their speaking up does not lessen my voice.  I admire their courage to speak up.

Another post had someone writing they were tired of this “me too” game.  This is not a game.  It is painfully serious attempt to get people to wake up that allowing others to sexually assault another person is wrong.  Me Too is raising awareness of the emotional/physical abuse of sexual assault.  Someone else laughed on a Me TOO! post.  I hope it was an ignorant laugh of not knowing the pain that was expressed.  On the other hand, the person may know and laugh at someone else’s suffering. Laughing, ridiculing, shaming are all tactics targeted to shut up the victim.  The latest estimates that I saw was over 50% of those with PTSD sexual abuse was part of their painful past.  Me Too is a powerful way for women and men to speak up and share that they survived abuse.  Raising awareness to a wide spread problem is the beginning to finding support and healing.

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