I can be

flexible without getting bent out of shape.

At school our principal challenged us to do something new this year.  Gear it up.  I decided with the many changes and different request I decided that I would not let all the changes bend me out of shape.  One of the challenges for a person living with PTSD or CPTSD is change of any kind.  I do better with schedules that don’t fluctuate everyday.  I am willing to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch every day of the week.  I usually eat the same breakfast every morning.  I prefer to drive the same way to work every day.  I prefer things to remain the same.  This year at work almost every day I have something that is changed up, messed up, rearranged or just not what I am expecting.  I am working hard at developing ways not to be shook up by the changes.  I am also trying to be careful not to drop back into people pleasing mode.  Very dangerous and self destructive.  I am working on a huge project after school and I am chipping way at it and working at not freaking out.  I am so proud of myself for being so much better at changes at work.  I also work with some awesome people that work hard to help each other.  It is awesome. 



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