Code words

I ran across an interesting article that shared the ‘Code Words’ people use to mask what they are really feeling. My children pointed out to me years ago that I lied all the time.  People would say, “Hi, how are you?”  And I would answer, “Fine.”  I would have a death grip on the shopping cart hoping I wouldn’t collapse until I got home.  Of course I didn’t tell them how I actually felt because in my opinion they didn’t actually want to know.  This raised my awareness and I questioned myself if there was a way to answer honestly.  I worked out a list of things I could say. Here are a few:

I’ve had better days.

FINE – Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional

I’m vertically challenged.  It is a real challenge to stay vertical.


Above ground is good.

Looking forward to a better tomorrow.

And the ever vague American slang OK.

I know from experience that not every person that asks me, “How I am doing?”  actually wants to know.  I also learned that if I let my guard down a bit and share a little more than “Fine” I have some interesting conversations and connect with others that chronically hide behind coded words.

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