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I hadn’t planned on an extended break.  I could handle this and everything else.  I was sooooo wrong.  I spent the last 3 months swallowed up by costumes for this show.

This is our cast.  Each one played two and sometimes 3 parts.  Thankful for those that helped but blown away that I was in charge of all these costumes.  People helped with the sewing, borrowed some, and planned and schemed and bought fabric then bought more fabric.  Hours and hours and hours….Thanksgiving was lost in a sea of fabric and trims all over our living room.  Tonight, I returned the borrowed costumes.  A monstrous check mark off of my list.  Now laundry and more laundry. I feel blessed by this experience.  It taught me several things.  I can do amazingly complicated planning and successfully pull it off with help from others and the Lord.  My memories of this experience will linger for a long time.  I think the most profound thought came in my search for something to say when someone criticized what I did, (I learned that someone will always find something wrong) I decided that my answer would fit in my new criteria of treating all others with kindness, “How sad that after watching a 2 hour program on Jesus Christ, all you can see is my mistakes.”  Many thank yous came to me and others that worked so hard.  I don’t know if it will be in the category of it was worth it, but it certainly a mile stone in my healing progress.

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