Healing Naturally

I watched my mother down hand fulls of medications and later supplements in the quest for being healthy.  But she wouldn’t go outside for fear of the sun.  I saw my grandmother come to live with us with a small suitcase of medications.  They put her in the hospital to detox her and found out she needed one vitamin B shot.  I learned how to heal naturally.  Greatest gift is right outside our door.  I did an entire photo shoot called Urban Safaris shooting nature mingled with buildings does not make it any less nature.  Nature heals naturally.

PS.  Use herbs with caution.  Arsenic comes from an herb and will kill you naturally.  Use caution in nature, it is wild and sometimes a jungle out there.


20. Getting out in nature enough, which I find really healing.


Judy’s ideas: https://theprojectbyjudy.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/self-care-20-of-25/


My view of nature…..




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