Different results

Beats and rhythms designed to heal and relax.  Some people believe this is useless; another way to extract money from people looking for relief.  I have a different theory.  Over the years I spent many hours researching different healing avenues.  I learned that each one has its merits and followers.  Music therapy is now a university major.  Sound for some people bring relief.  I know many people that use ‘white noise’ and other sounds to help with sleeping.  It worked for me but due to my deafness I kept it too loud for my husband to sleep.  I do use different types of music to wind me up or calm me down.  Our children loved cleaning the house to Everybody Dance Now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXda46z9usA.

Binaural beats


Article about white noise apps and noise makers


Experimenting around I discovered I found some sounds comforting and others distressful.  A recent question on CPTSD group on Facebook asked about the noise of the ocean.  Some people loved it, others were triggered by it because they associated the sound with trauma.  Sadly ‘experts’ call all of these choices unhelpful because they don’t help everyone the same.  News flash, each person responds differently.  What helps one person, irritates someone else.  My suggestion try out music, beats, rhythms, white noise and other sounds to see if they help with sleeping, relaxation or calming.  Don’t beat yourself up if they are not helpful.  Sounds and music lights up the brain in different ways for different people.  Music is used by shamans and other mystic healers to bring peace to the soul.  I am researching what works for me.  Try some of these out.  Seek to heal in your own path whatever that looks like.  Too often I waited for ‘experts’ to tell me what I should do.  Over time I learned that some of them don’t know any more about healing than I do.  Enjoy the rhythm of the drum.    http://www.virtualdrumming.com/drums/windows/drums-free-drumming.html




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