Cut off

It is unsettling to be suddenly cut off from my Internet.  My sister took pity on me and lets me come to her house to try to keep up a little.  So much is happening and I keep thinking well I can look that up or I can read that but no….it is on the internet.  My children’s street address are in my Google docs that without the internet I have no idea what they are.  I am thinking I need to back up some of those important papers on things like printed paper.  My medical stuff, finances, Facebook friends…..bunches of stuff are now all on the internet.  I remember when emails used to be fun with jokes, stories and snowball fights.  Now I get advertisement, annoying emails, and reminders online.  Facebook doesn’t have the cool stories I used to get in my emails.  I first encountered Internet at a junior high school which are 11 – 13 year old children with raging hormones and no common sense among them.  The school district was providing the internet with no filters.  They thought I was ridiculous and demanding some form of filtering.  After a law suit, they put the filters on that I wanted in the first place.  Now, after a wild journey into some interesting and sometimes scary places I am almost completely dependent on the internet.  Family, friends, entertainment, work, and learning all hang out on the internet.  I am obsessive about keeping books, I feel like if I give them up I lose total control to the tyranny of the internet. Every government in the World is trying to control it.  But in reality it is just a bunch of 0 and 1 s that  get battered around very quickly with the hope that we get our desired results.  Counting the days until I am reconnected.

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