Wish people knew

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Early Signs Wish people knew

The article listed several symptoms of PTSD that they wished they knew were PTSD.  Instead they went through a time of confusion by their own behavior.  I looked for the article and found several articles about people wishing others understood about their challenges.  I started writing this blog to provide a resource to help teach people about accepting PTSD and now the new category of Complex PTSD.  My trauma lasted for years.  My counselor told me that my ability to dissociate was extreme.  I asked him how other people did it.  He explained that people have a traumatic experience and then they are resilient and bounce back.  I thought about this for a moment then asked, “What does a child do that has a traumatic day and knows the next day will be exactly the same?  How does a child know the trauma is over if it happens every day?”  My counselor never did have an answer to that question.  I was impressed that he admitted that he never looked at childhood trauma quite that way.

If you are wondering if you or someone you know has PTSD these are links that share the most common symptoms.  Remember that insurance companies do not accept a self diagnosis of PTSD you do need to see a professional to get the diagnosis.  I recommend finding a professional that is knowledgeable about PTSD and CPTSD.  Quite a few other disorders are similar to the symptoms of PTSD and CPTSD.





I wish people knew more about PTSD, CPTSD, the long term impact of abuse and neglect so I write this blog and try to share what I learn.  The more I share, the more I learn.  It would be awesome to have a world without trauma, however, it is not this planet.  The World is violent from storms to birth there is an over tone of violence that people with PTSD and CPTSD lived it.  I am not worried about some mystical thing happening in the future, I worry that what happened to me before will happen again.





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