Accepting doesn’t mean staying

This is a mini rant…..if you do not feel up to reading a rant today…tune in tomorrow when I hope to be in a better mood…

Today I read a fellow PTSD group member accept where he was at right now.  Cool great.  Applause.  Then in my estimation, he totally blew it by exclaiming this is where he is stuck.  To me, it is like getting pushed in a pile of manure accepting you are sitting in a pile of manure and planning to stay there.  WHY?  True before I started counseling I sat stuck in the same place for a long time.  However, I did not know where I was and I did not understand the pile of manure that was dumped on me.  I believe very strongly, did I mention this is a rant, that once I know I am in a pile of manure by damn I am getting out. Once I understood what I used to call a shadow warrior was really an unresolved past, I fought back.  I fought back hard.  In fact, my counselor limited me to only one hour a day to work on understanding where I was and how to get out.  He explained that as I remodeled my life I needed to keep living my current life.  I whined and complained that a caterpillar got to hang out in a cocoon.  I had to keep going to work, caring for my family and generally maintain a life and rearrange my life at the same time.  It is FREAKING hard to do but I did not give up and declare I am going to sit in that crap.  Sadly, too many times I read post of people that have done just that buried in manure they are going to lie there until they die. That is a terrible plan.  Get up, fight back, take back our power, stop whining and waiting for someone to come to their senses and realize how awesome we are.  You and I deserve better.

Rant over….tomorrow….will be a better day.  Because I said so!

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