Not so secret

Wall Street Journal published an article on the Secrets of Resilience.

I believe my favorite part is the one that states that most of us are more resilient than we think.  We made it this far.

Several suggestions were put forth to increase resilience:

1. Take on long term challenges such as a higher education degree, Judo or karate, marathon, or other long term challenges that do not overwhelm but give a steady long term goals.

2. Mentally put up a fight.  If required to comply for safety sake, keeping in mind constantly that they will not win.   A lost battle is not a lost war.  Fight, resist, keep believing in yourself.  Their opinion does not define you.

3. Ask for help from family, friends, counselors, and others that can assist you in the fight.  Resilience does not mean you have to do it alone.  Froglogic explains how to build a team of support.

4. Actively work at coping and charting your life away from the adversity and negativity that marked your life.  Determination, goal setting, refusing to stay where you are mentally and emotional.  Work out a plan to use adversity to not just bounce back but to spring forward into a better life.

5. Remind yourself how you have succeeded and made it this far already.  Too often we beat ourselves up about what we didn’t do without acknowledging what we did right, what we did to survive this far.

With the recent suicides of celebrities the media is making a big noise about what you need to do to keep going.  Silently and deadly suicide is stealing people every day.  If your challenge is suicidal thoughts, seek help, fight for your own life, and believe you are worth fighting for.  At the top of the page is a link to suicide prevention ideas.  Most importantly, if you are suicidal right now, call 911 and get a support team now.

It is no secret that we have survived 100% of our bad days.  Some of our bad days are really ugly, but we have survived them.  I believe the article is right, we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit.


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