5 Tips: When You Meet a Seeing Eye® Dog Team

Hi All, My friend’s blog reposted this very important tips for being around helper dogs. This applies to PTSD dogs too. Please, let the owner be aware you are there and follow instructions on how to treat the dog. These are working dogs with a very important task and distractions can cause discomfort for both the dog and their human.

Pattys World

This goes for all Dog Guide teams no matter from what school they come.

5 Tips: When You Meet a Seeing Eye® Dog Team
Always remember, distracting a Seeing Eye dog can make its owner vulnerable to harm.
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1. Please don’t let your pet near a guide dog, even if your pet is leashed. Even allowing your pet to visit or “say hi”, for just a moment can cause the
guide dog to lose focus on the important job he has to do
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2. It’s helpful to let a person who is blind know that you are nearby and tell them if you have a dog with you.
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3. Do not call the dog’s name, make eye contact, feed or talk to the dog. It’s always best to treat the dog as if he…

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