No Fight Song

I joined a group that were creating scrapbook pages and encouraging each other.  I was getting further and further behind now that I am working at school again, summer is over.  Then I got totally hung up.  The moderator of the group said to make a page about our favorite Fight Song….you know the one where you are getting ready to take on the biggest opponent and boosting your morale…your Rocky Theme song…your Yankee doodle Dandy….Yea..I don’t have one.  Yup, I thought for days….that quickly turned into weeks, I truly do not have a fight song, because I don’t want to fight.  I am not a Rocky kind of person.  I am more of a sneak out the back door and run in a field of dandelions blowing wishes all over the place.  I had a violent childhood enough is enough but I am taking karate.  In karate I learned to control my own body but I still don’t want to fight anyone.  Really, I don’t.  I also accept the Koombaya is unrealistic.  I met too many people that want to tear other people apart.  Me, I just want people to help each other and be nice and get along.  I stopped creating pictures because I don’t have a fight song.  My songs run along the lines of Amazing Grace, How Great Thou Art, I know that my Redeemer Lives, Sing sing a Song, theme song of Disney Robinhood….none of these are fight songs.  Closest one I come to is this one:

Alien singing “I will Survive”


Epic fail.  I don’t want to fight.  Really I don’t.  I don’t want to hurt others.  But I have.  The poster that I had in my room as a teenager epitomized my teen years…..

I am like shattered glass
Cutting those who touch me
I have been broken
I am hard and sharp
People can see through me.
They know I can hurt them
I am never confronted
I am always walked around.
– Lori Gauntlet


Not much fight in me any more.  I do survive over and over again.  I am completely amazed I got this far….I’m over 60 years old and I never expected to live past 16.  I fought but was beaten down repeatedly.  I learned that fighting was bad for my health.  I got hurt.  But I keep going.  Sometimes baby steps.  Sometimes I remind myself that falling flat on my face is still moving forward.  No one has made a fight song for a life like that.  Mine is much more Amazing Graze.


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