Took a break

I took a break from my blogs…how do I feel about it?  This is a research/information/encouragement blog.  I keep studying and finding more things to help myself and hopefully others.  It grew well past my original plans.  I discovered in taking a break I did less research.  I didn’t keep up with other people’s blogs because if I saw something I wanted to share I felt I needed to wait until my break was over.  I think more than anything I needed to evaluate if I am still heading in a healthy direction for me.  I noticed on the Facebook groups that I can get a bit cranky with a steady diet of complaints and resentment towards abusers.  People screw up…that is what we do.  Some out of ignorance, some intentionally, and some stupidly.  Sometimes I’m the one screwing up.  I made some awesome mistakes and blunders in my life.  However, as long as I blame someone else, they are controlling my life.  I’m done with that.  My life, my mistakes, my responsibility to make corrections and learn from what happened.  I feel a renewed need to share a point of view that says Impossible really means I’m Possible.  Forever only last until I decide things will change which could be 5 minutes from now.  Life changing experiences are supposed to change us.  It is my opinion if you don’t change after a major event you may want to get some counseling as to why you are so detached from living that nothing effects you.  Why do I know this?  Because I’ve done it.  Major life changes would not phase me at one point in my life.  I was so emotionally disconnected that a death in the family barely registered with me.  To feel, be hurt, and all the various bumps and wobbles in life mean I am connected with living.  It is supposed to be bumpy.  If you wanted a smooth, monotone life, this is the wrong planet.  It is filled with changes and surprises, mighty storms and lovely rainbows. It really is an awesome planet.


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