Keep up to date

Complex PTSD is well complex.  Research is updating what they are learning about why some of the old tried and trued practices for PTSD are ineffective for Complex PTSD.  I believe that number 10 in their list of best practices for a counselor treating CPTSD is to stay up to date to what we are currently learning.

10.   Embed and apply understanding of complex trauma in all interventions

Recognising the limits of standard assessment tools and modalities in relation to complex trauma, (Courtois, Ford & Cloitre, 2009 p.89) also the extent to which these can be redressed via incorporation of the new clinical and research insights (see Pt 11 below) ensure that all interventions stem from understanding of current clinical and research insights into complex trauma.


Too often, counselors and clients latch on to one way to heal and ignore other possibilities.  I noticed myself that I get stuck in a rut of using one tool to cope and when that one tool fails I fall apart.  Heavy sigh.  Bubble gum and bailing wire is not the only way to pull myself back together.  Super glue is awesome.  Or how about Gorilla glue.. We keep learning new ways to keep things together and that applies to humans too.  I think this is one of the reasons doing this blog is so helpful for me.  Writing several times a week encourages me to keep up to date, study more, and try out new tools that may work better than what I used in the past or I am currently using.

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