Round about affirmations

This morning I was scanning through Facebook group for CPTSD someone added this link to a talk called:  Affirmation techniques for People with CPTSD (how to bypass inner critic.)  When I posted the link the video popped in, so here it is.



I actually used this idea without knowing what it was.  I would couch my self talk in a way that didn’t set off screaming alarms from my inner critic.  Let me give you my example.

If I say, “I feel great today.”  Inner critic screams, “You do not.”

If I say, “I feel beautiful.”  Inner critic screams, “You would if you lost 50 lbs.”   Then it would continue with a barrage of abusive language about my weight and eating habits.

Inner Critic is all the insults, put downs and criticisms I received day in and day out through out childhood then added any new ones as they came along.  The meaner the comment the happier inner critic is to add to its arsenal of insults.  I think I will actively pursue the idea of bypassing or talking around my inner critic.  Some days it is hard to disagree with inner critic because I am very harsh on myself.  My counselor recommended thinking of what I would say to treasured friend and then talk like that to myself.  Work in progress but this is an adjustment I think I will add to ways of coping with inner critic.



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