Rise of Computers

Recently from two way different sources I heard a decry against social media and the ills it is causing.  Stop, just Stop.  The ills they refer to are depression, disconnection, and suicide.  Does anyone stop to think that as computers rise in demand and popularity, arts and sports fall?  To afford more computers in school, districts cut funding to music, art, and sports. I watch a dozen students sitting together not speaking to each other because each one is staring at their respective cell phones.  Take their phone away and they go into a complete panicked melt down, their parents aren’t much different.  Parents are more firmly attached to their cell phones than their children.  More than one essay at school was written by a child wishing they could be a cell phone so their parents would spend as much time with them as they do their computers.  Yup, cell phones are mini computers designed to fit in your pocket so they go with you wherever you go.  Piano lessons are replaced with the latest video gaming system.  Art materials are too expensive because all the money is spent on the latest whiz bang computer app.  Rise of computers is not the only issue, we need to consider the fall of arts and sports.

Team sports, choirs, bands, and other group activities bring people together for a common cause.  They form a place to connect with other people for one goal.  The team members may have different life styles, economic backgrounds, religions, or cultures, but together they make beautiful music, a winning team, a play, or a huge variety of other activities that bring people together.  These things are important and with the rise of computers their usefulness is set aside.

If you want to increase contentment and happiness listen to more music, play board games with a friend, hang up the phone, create a collage, take pictures, scribble with crayons, stare at the clouds, walk around the block, play kick the can, hide and go seek, sit in one spot doing ‘nothing’, play at a park, go to the beach, and the list goes on and on and on.

Emotions are greatly affected by what we do.  What we do is greatly affected by our emotions.

Scrambled pieces

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