No April Fools for me

I am very thankful that our school celebrates a pseudo holiday.  No school on April fools day.  It is a huge relief not to be at school because I am terrible at playing April fools jokes and I don’t handle them well either.  Today I thought I was reading a real article because the source I considered reliable.  Sadly when I got to the comments, I realized it was all a joke.  I was way less than impressed.  I stopped reading the rest of the information.  More than once I was accused of not being able to take a joke.  Sometimes the ‘joke’ totally alluded me.   I don’t get it many times.  I don’t like watching the shows that center their ideas on practical jokes.  When raising my children I discovered it is a hard thing to explain to a kid when something is a joke and when it is a lie.  I read the book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.   In the story, the computer is trying to learn about humor and gives a janitor a million dollar check plus his pay.  The programmer explains to the computer that was funny once.  However, many people would not feel that was funny at all.  I was often the butt of someone else’s joke.  It isn’t much fun being on the receiving end.  Occasionally, I try to do a practical joke but I always feel bad when the other person doesn’t think it is funny.  A few years ago, I took a plate of Brown Es to school.  Students were not impressed.  I felt so bad that a few days later I brought real brownies.  I also learned that some things are not funny even once.  Joking about pregnancy, someone harmed, death, or suicide are way to emotionally charged to mess around with.  I don’t know if there is such thing as a gentle joke.  Too often there is a cutting edge that doesn’t always heal and damages trust.


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