5 years

I started this blog 5 years ago.  There was very little online that wasn’t directed to the military with PTSD.  CPTSD wasn’t mentioned yet.  I wanted there to be a voice for those with no memory of before trauma.  I wanted to say, there is life after trauma.  I want to get out to anyone that wants to know that thriving is possible no matter to what depths you were pushed, dragged, or fell.  There is a possibility to be your best self undefined by your trauma.  To me, there is a big difference between allowing my past to influence my decisions and events from childhood grabbing me by the throat and slamming me to the ground.  I choose to continue to share my message that becoming your best self is still your choice.  I want every person to take back their power and say, “I stand here and this is who I am.  No one decides for me.  I choose to be this person.”


Bloom where you are planted.  

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