Team Never Quit

Yup, Navy Seals Team Never Quit came out of the Froglogic page and yes I follow them on Facebook.  From them I learned about the importance of building a team.  One of the difficult things about child abuse is the abuser will isolate the child and imply that they are alone.  That no one will care or believe what is happening to them that they are utterly and completely alone.  I felt this.  My sister introduced me to Froglogic.

We were on our sister therapy walk and I was talking to her about my renewed interest in helping teenagers see that there is life after abuse/trauma/tragedy.  She told me that Froglogic had Frank DeAngelis on their pod cast.  Mr. De was the principal at Columbine High School and discusses what he learned from the experience.  He also wrote a book that my copy is ordered and should have by the time Summer break hits.  If you are interested it is about an hour and a half long.  I felt it was worth my time and I wanted to share with you.

Frank DeAngelis

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