Swim Buddy

Tonight I was done being an adult.  I pushed myself through several tough things and I was done.  Enter my sister.  My Dad, who she cares for, experienced trouble with his land line phone.  Batteries were needed, I had some.  When she came over, I whined that I was done with being an adult but I still needed to get my medication.  Well, we teamed up.  I gave her batteries and encouragement and she went with me to get my medication.  This is what being a swim buddy is all about.  When you are feeling worn and out of sorts, your swim buddy helps you get back on track.  Taking turns treading water or generally keeping an eye out for each other.  This is different than codependency.  I separate the two by the fact codependency is unhealthy.  You can’t function without the other person.  However, a swim buddy is two independent people strengthening each other so that we become more than what we could do alone.  Navy Seals uses swim buddies because it works.

David Rutherford on team building:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rPdft4z23w

David Rutherford Teams succeed or fail because of its members:  https://teamfroglogic.com/why-teams-succeed-and-fail-by-navy-seal-motivational-speaker-author-and-coach-david-rutherford/


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