CPTSD video


I put in the link and it automatically embedded itself on to my page.  I believe this is one of the clearest short answer to the question What is Complex PTSD, this segement does not go into how to manage it but does clarify how it is defined by insurance companies and other professionals.  My therapist was hesitant to say I had anyone thing from the standpoint he didn’t want me stuck with a label that kept me from progressing.  My perspective was having a name to my pain I am able to connect quickly with others by mentioning a set of letters that has meaning to those that lived with long term trauma.  It gave me something to put in a search to bring up topics relative to my retraining myself to new responses.  Some people lament that trauma changed them.  My belief that if it is a life changing experience it should change you.  We can also have positive life changing experiences.  For example, therapy changed my path of living and taught me key life skills I was missing.  Art opened my eyes to away to express feelings, thoughts and ideas that didn’t seem to have another way to get out of my head and heart.  Karate changed my life.  I planned to go to one 3 month session to see what the articles I read were all about.  Now 6 years later, it is an vital part of my confidence building and strengthening my body.  Living and thriving is changing.  Growth means you won’t be the same as you were before.  I am amazed at this journey I am on and I am thankful to key people that have cheered me on and encouraged me.  Loving the journey took awhile but I am getting there, I am thriving.

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