Can’t have both ways

I am watching a trend among those with Complex PTSD.  They want to claim loud and clear that they coped with difficult things and do not have mental illness.  They rage when they are ‘misdiagnosed’  and won’t listen, if you try to explain that insurance companies only pay for therapy if it is in the DSM-5 Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5). The insurance companies declared that for a person to get payment on a mental health insurance claim it must be in the DSM-5, otherwise they will not cover the counseling appointments. So if a person with Complex-PTSD wants their therapy sessions covered by insurance then the therapist must give them a diagnosis from the DSM-5.  Since several different diagnostics can fit these symptoms, the options vary.  I don’t believe it is a case of misdiagnosis as it is getting the correct criteria to be covered for the clients insurance.  The therapist is attempting to meet the needs of the client and the insurance company.  Not an easy task in an environment of some people believing PTSD doesn’t actually exist and C-PTSD is a made up name to make excuses.  I was blessed with parents willing to help cover cost but they didn’t believe anything was wrong with me, they were just helping out their daughter.  No amount of evidence convinced them that their behavior was toxic to my sister and I.  Forget trying to convince an insurance company especially one that does not want to part with a single penny they’ve gathered in.  Survivors of trauma may get an alphabet soup of diagnostic letters, bottom line survivors on the path to healing jump through all kinds of hoops, disbelieved, targeted and general treated like liars.  Healing is difficult, sadly our culture makes it even more difficult.


Palm branch looking like a fish.

Things are not always what they seem.

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