What works for you?

Others on Facebook are posting that they are feeling trapped with this “Stay at home” to avoid getting sick.  I posted about changing wording.  I call this time to regenerate and try to learn Spanish during my work hours.  Tomorrow I find out if they have something else for me to do.  My less supportive part of me is of course worrying that this meeting is to tell my I am laid off…which is a possible.  (UPDATE: I’m not laid off. I found out that I am required to meet online with other teachers….fun thing is the teachers don’t know I am supposed to be included. Ok for now and learning Spanish is fun with Duolingo, which is free right now.) I’ll learn Spanish anyway the site is sharing for free right now.  I’ll take advantage of this opportunity.  So I am opening this up to suggestions of how to use this time that is created by the pandemic fear of an illness.

If you will post in comments things you do that help you through this time especially techniques to lessen the feeling of being trapped, I will share the ideas for others to see.  We aren’t really trapped but the feeling can still persist.  Old habits die hard.  As a child I was trapped in a difficult situation and no way to get out except school.  I feel a deep concern for the kids like me that school was an escape from a troubled home life.

I discovered Videos that people are sharing.  Choosing ones that bring me joy, literally a video of a flash mob playing Ode to Joy.

Crocheting.  Finished one project and ready to work on finishing another one.

I plan to do some pour paintings.  I bought an air brush months ago and this will be a great time to try it out.

Sharing online Fun with math and Science in the sink to provide fun lessons for kids.  I’ve already done the research just sharing what I used for our high school students.

Looking forward to hearing your responses of what is working for you during these precarious times.

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