Pete Walker

If you follow other blogs or groups online eventually you will come across someone recommending Pete Walker or one of his books.  Someone asked me if I read his books when I was in counseling….no.  He hadn’t written them yet.  When I started my therapy, Complex PTSD wasn’t on the horizon yet.  My counselor reluctantly gave me a diagnosis when my work demanded a name for my pain.  My therapist felt concerned I would feel locked into the diagnosis and not see that I could improve my life.  A diagnosis can be used to stay comfortably uncomfortable.  More than one person I read said they couldn’t do this or that because of their diagnosis. I am wandering off subject back to Pete Walker.   He gave the information that simply wasn’t available.  I read several of his articles and posted them here sometimes.  Recently it was brought to my attention he has his own web site.  I will state here and now I do not agree with everything he says.  But he probably doesn’t agree with everything I say either.  What he does do is open up different possibilities and ways to recognize abuse.  This was important to me because when a person is raised in abuse you don’t recognize that the behavior is abuse.  He taught me about the 4 F’s of trauma response. I believe that part of my purpose is to share useful information.  Here you go, I believe that he is one of the helpful people. I did buy his book ComplexPTSD: From surviving to thriving, but haven’t taken the time to finish it, yet.  I do recommend exploring his site.

Enjoy your day.

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