I spent a bunch of my counseling with homework reading books.  I have some of them listed on my resource page.

I shared the books I thought were helpful.  I did not make a complete list of everything I read.  Too much to share and some of it I actually threw the book across the room… not do this with library books.  The author stated there was no such thing as PTSD and earned my wrath…..I think I actually screamed, “You live one day in my head.”  Which is kind of useless when the author is not in the room but I felt better.  I did not share that kind of negativity.  Please, be aware when reading books that not all of them will be helpful.  Someone shared a list of 100 books about PTSD and CPTSD.  This is not the complete list.  This is one person’s opinion and certainly not a to-do list.  Pick and choose what is helpful to you.

I did not see Toxic Parents on the list but it was a game changer for me…..took months, and I mean months for me to forge through this volume that ripped to shreds the lies that cloaked my childhood.  I don’t recommend reading some of these with out a mentor or counselor to guide your way through some of these books.  Interesting side note:  my first therapist sent me a recommended book for me to critique.  He stated that I would know better than he about the accuracy of some of the points.  The only thing that bothered me about the book was the authors assertion that the way they healed was the only route to healing.  Not so.  There are as many ways to heal as there are to get messed up.  Healing is a very personal journey.  There are general key points that need to be learned such as setting boundaries, accepting yourself, and learning assertiveness.  Cool thing is these are skills that can be learned.  Also many of the books are military based.  That was what was mostly available to me and they had some excellent articles.  Froglogic taught me team building and what it means to trust another person.  Another military suggest was martial arts.  I am in karate and love how much my confidence has grown since I was in it.  Mikey and his crochet-a-longs on The Crochet Crowd is another amazing resource.


One of the completed Crochet-a-longs.

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