Complicating things

I actually maintain 3 different blogs.  My picture blog I’ve hardly touched in a year.  I kept getting it more and more complicated until I found I couldn’t keep up with it any more.  It started out 1 picture a day….then I made it more complicated.  I have my We are One blog and it became so filled with PTSD/CPTSD information that I created this one.  Once again I got things too complicated.  I get overwhelmed and shut down completely and don’t do any of them because I want to give great content but some days I feel so dry inside.  I also discovered there is so much information that my blogs are now a speck in a sea of information.  One of the symptoms of PTSD/CPTSD is self sabotaging.  I recognize that trying to doing things perfectly and to the best of my ability pushed myself into a whole that here I am hardly writing anything on any of my blogs.  I am doing the huge task of cleaning out my craft room that has years of shove-in-and-neglect boxes.  I found bed parts to a bed we haven’t owned in 10 years.  I found pictures from 2000.  You read that right over 20 years of neglect and not facing my stuff.  Why because I get overwhelmed and shut down.  My first counselor said defining a problem gets you 90% of the way to solving it. My way of thinking, I can’t solve a problem I don’t know I have.  Hmmmm. How is this going to go after realizing this, not sure.

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