Attitude of Gratitude

Power of gratitude is amazing.  For me it is one of the most powerful coping tools.  Here is some of the reasons why…..

1.  I recognize that good things are happening in my life.

2.  I look for and see the silver linings on dark clouds.

3.  Small things that often get ignored are noticed and add to my gratitude list.  Breathing is good.  Add it to the list of blessings.

4.  Irritating things can be seen as blessings.  Betsy Ten Boom, “Be thankful for the fleas.”

5.  Perspectives switch from pessimistic discouragement to optimistic hope adding items to my gratitude list.

6.  One blessing leads to another…. I’m thankful for breathing, I’m thankful for the scent of roses, I’m thankful thorn bushes have roses, I’m thankful for dirt that grows the roses……Finding blessing chains links my world with nature and to others.

7.  Focusing on the doughnut instead of the hole, helps me appreciate what I have instead of lamenting what I don’t have.

8.  I can count them.  Counting blessings help me stay grounded in right now.  Part of mindfulness exercise.

9.  I can count blessings at any time, any where, once I start counting blessings fears struggle to keep my attention.

10.  Gratitude is learned.  I can learn new things.

What reasons do you have for counting blessings?




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