Quest for Change

I talk often about accepting PTSD.  Then I talk about changing how I function.  I learned from experience that I have to accept where I am before I can move on to something different.  I was moving to a new city and wanted to show my parents where I lived.  The third time I got lost my Dad asked me if I knew where I was going.  In utter exasperation I exclaimed, “I know where I am going, I just don’t know where I am.”  One of the critical issues of change is accepting where you are so you can plan where you want to go.  In my quest for change I look to others that are ‘doing it’ to find out what they are up to.  One such blogger is Evan Sanders at the Better Man Project.  He decided he wanted to be a Better Man.  He set out to achieve his goal and shared his journey.  I enjoy getting notices of his post in my email.  I feel encouraged and inspired by this man.  Here’s a bit about what he says:

For the longest time I felt this stress tearing at my from the inside. In fact, there was one person in my life who told me straight up as clear as day that she thought I was “at war with myself.” I was. I was battling myself like crazy. I think the only place where she went wrong was in assuming that I was heading in the wrong direction. You see, it’s the strangest feeling in the world to know that you are meant for more and yet stuck in a prison…held hostage by your mind. The enemy does not need to fight you anywhere else but in your mind. It can and destroy your heart, body, motivation, work ethic, finances, friendships, relationships…and anything else that is controlled by your mind – which by the way…is everything.

Your mind is your most powerful tool you will ever have. If you can convince yourself that you can do something, it can be done. Your mind can power through the grandest obstacles and help dig you out of the biggest holes. You just have to be willing to believe. When you thoroughly believe, then, you will give yourself the chance to use the rest of your gifts to get to work.

Check out the link yourself. I look for inspiration in all places.  There are people facing challenges and meeting them in every walk of life.  Thanks Evan for being an awesome example and sharing your story.

One thought on “Quest for Change

  1. Love his blog. He’s choosing roads to change I would never consider. Because of him, I signed up for the emails from SEAL Fit. I can’t do most of it, but I’m given a completely different point of view. Even thought we’re going about it different ways, we’re all headed in the same direction, to become a better person. I do use their hints that work for me.

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