Let loose

for 30 seconds.

The thebettermanprojects.com inspire me on a regular basis.  Today isn’t any different.  http://thebettermanprojects.com/inspiration/11355-do-or-die Expresses a mantra I use on a regular basis.  My counselor suggested I tone it down a bit.  I looked at my counselor and replied, “If I didn’t have a do or die attitude, I wouldn’t have lived.”  Evan Sanders also shared a recommendation by his coach.  If you need to let loose, do so for 30 seconds alone then come back and cheer for the rest of the team.  I like this for 2 reasons.  I can’t do much damage in 30 seconds.  Plus it gives me something to do when I am finished venting. Time limits on venting is helpful.  It allows me to acknowledge the sucky feelings.  If I just bury them, nasty feelings tend to grow.  I can usually express a lousy feeling in less than 30 seconds.  Doing it alone with such limited time I can’t do much damage to relationships or things around me.  I like the second step of the letting loose time limit of cheering for your team mates.  Many howl they are not in a team.  Ok your tribe.  I don’t mean the kind of tribe that is recognize by nations.  I am referring to those individuals that you meet and know that these are your peers.  Your sense of these people could become life long friends.  We have the same quirky sense of humor.  We laugh together and cry together.  The people you cheer on my or may not be your family.  Cheering for someone else requires me to acknowledge their story, their successes, their challenges, and an opportunity to connect with another person.  Don’t have a tribe? Start building your team/tribe now.  Look at those you interact with, at work, at home, online, church, they are all potential possible tribe members.  Select those that are trustworthy to be in your inner-circle.

Who are you cheering on?


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