Here is yet another link to symptoms of PTSD:

I believe there is benefit in reading what the range of symptoms can be.  Too often people get hung up on a short list and miss recognizing other symptoms.  Also you don’t have to have all of them to be diagnosed with PTSD.  This is not a contest to see who has the most symptoms.  To me, the advantage of a diagnosis is it gave me a word to research.  I tried doing research with general symptoms and I spent hours and hours and hours finding all sorts of diseases I don’t have.  I am so blessed not to have so many other things.  PTSD sucks, but it isn’t the only thing that sucks.  However, PTSD does not lock me into a cubicle of living.  Gives me a starting point for me to push my limits.  All of them.  One of my favorite places to go on the internet for a quick lift to my spirits is Life without limbs.  Nick is one of the incredible people that finds joy in living.  My sister’s blog is another favorite visiting spot. I highly recommend building a base of blogs, books, contacts, art, and other resources.  PTSD is better tackled with a team of support and resources to renew the soul.  I learned my body needs nutrition, exercise and sleep.  My soul needs connections, beauty, and faith.



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