Fun Fun Fun

I work at a high school.  The end of the school year is in 2 weeks.  At our school, we encourage learning through doing.  Projects, huge projects, our students put on a fashion show last night.  The Saturday before about 400 students showed up at school dressed in Interview-for-a-job type clothes giving presentations on the careers they are planning for.  It was outstanding.  The presentation boards, yummy goodies by a student interested in culinary, computer powerpoints, and many other ways of sharing what is driving them to work harder in school.  It was an amazing week.  Now I feel wrung out, depleted and wanting nothing more than curl up and do nothing.  I worked so hard at getting out of the numb state and feel.  Feeling takes a lot of work.  Wears me out.  So, I played with some of my pictures just going to share a few tonight.


Cannon Lily


Busy Bees or the bees know.


over the edge

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