Free coloring pages for Adults

One of the things that I found helpful was coloring.  I like a blank page and lots of colored pencils.  Sometimes I like lines and pictures to color.  I am exploring several brands of colored pencils to see which kind I like best.  The coloring books were at my first counselor’s office for the children he would talk to.  I started bringing my own coloring book, so I felt like I could color too.  When he would run low on crayons I would by the cheap box of 24 colors.  Nothing fancy, not expensive, so soothing.  It became a habit for me to arrive at least 20 minutes early so I could color.  I eventually took a drawing class in college.  However, I still enjoy the coloring books and 24 crayons.

I didn’t look on every page so I don’t know if there is something that others may object to as far as design or subject matter are concerned so proceed with caution.  Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Free coloring pages for Adults

  1. Hi! Thank you for recommending/linking to adult coloring pages on my web site. Just want to let you know there are no objectionable images on the site, but there are plenty of printable complicated coloring sheets and design patterns to color in with markers or pencils.

    Peace … Lee (artst/webmaster at and

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