Break out the crayons

The coloring craze hit main stream.  Adult coloring books are sold where ever I shop.  Fabric stores, department stores, even food stores.  This article suggests new ways to loosen-up with art using bilateral drawing or what I call two handed scribble pictures.  By the way, Chihuly uses this method to create art.


So why do it? Self-regulation

Self-regulation is currently a ubiquitous term used to describe not only the capacity to control one’s impulses, but also to be able to soothe and calm the body’s reactions to stress. It is the ability to modulate affective, sensory and somatic responses that impact all functioning including emotions and cognition. It also refers to the brain’s executive function to control impulses, delay actions if necessary and initiate them if necessary, even if one does not want to.

Reteaches me how to calm myself when my brain goes off into over load.  Big paper is fun to use.  Crayons, colored pencils, markers all work.  Pads of light weight paper are at places like Michael’s, Jo-ann’s, Walmart, or any art supply store.  Check out the packing paper at Lowe’s or Home Depot as another cheap source of paper.  Don’t need to keep every piece of art but who knows maybe your style will become an art movement.



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