Heard the quote, “The way to Hell is paved with good intentions?”

I follow several pages on Facebook concerning PTSD.  I am seeing a disturbing trend that I am apparently coming down on the ‘being judgmental’ side.  These words are usually directed at someone that is trying to be encouraging…..their angry, ‘don’t shame me’ doesn’t make sense.  A person sharing what they chose to do does not automatically mean that the other person should be ashamed of the path they are choosing at the time.  I often write about taking back your power, choosing a different path, swapping out your engine.  There was a time when I didn’t do any of these things.  I felt like I had no power, no choices, and no hope.  Thanks to an awesome counselor, my life is turned around.  PTSD is part of my life but doesn’t run my life.  In these posts, if I present a path it is because I think it has the potential for making our lives better.  I understand that not all the ideas I present work for everyone.  That is why I present a lot of different ideas.  I keep reading and doing more research to broaden the scope of choices available.  I don’t want to sound like the author that wrote in their book that they had the only way to heal and the only way to change your life.  I changed my life a totally different way from that author.  Every single person has their own struggle and their own path.  However, stages and milestones may be similar, everyone needs to eat something, sleep is vital for mental, emotional and physical health, exercise works wonders but no one eats the identical food, sleeps the same hours, or exercises the same way.  My intentions are good and I have no wish for anyone to feel I am shaming them when I throw out an idea in a post or a challenge to do something different.  I believe firmly, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got.”  I believe that in spite of PTSD I can control my life and my reactions.  I want to share what I learned.  My intentions are good.  I am hoping that what I learned can help someone else feel the same excitement and happiness I am feeling.  I feel no desire whatsoever to shame anyone.  Saying you can change your world doesn’t mean that if you are not changing your world right now you are a bad person.  Remember, I spent 3 years laying on a couch.  I measure progress in years.  I want to share the hope that with effort, new information, and guidance you too can totally change your life for the better.  You’ve already seen worse….might as well shoot for awesome.

One thought on “Intentions….

  1. Some people will call you judgmental if you don’t say exactly what they think you should say. It’s insane to expect someone else to magically smooth the way, unless that someone is God. Last I checked, you’re not. Keep sharing your voice.

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