Keep It Simple Sweety

Yup, do not underestimate the power of combining several simple solutions.  Before I started counseling, I figured out that simple changes can make a profound difference.  During counseling I learned many more simple changes to make in my life.  At first, I was hesitant to try them, too easy.  But continued sustained simple changes do make a difference.

On Facebook this article was shared….7 simple ways to improve mental health (http://mashable.com/2014/05/02/simple-mental-health-tips/#m!9ba5:eyJzIjoicCIsImkiOiJfZ21uMmMzaTBwY3A0M3dxcSJ9 )

1. Walk outside

2. Take Vitamin B12

3. Write Simple goals  – SMART goals are recommended by another article http://www.smart-goals-guide.com/smart-goal.html

4. Listen to slow, calming music

5. Use lavender oil – unless you are allergic to it, my friend is; however, my sister loves it.  I grow lavender plants.

6. Spend money on someone else.  Doesn’t need to be a lot of money as little as a dollar can promote a lighter heart.

7. Meditate – mindful meditation is especially helpful.  http://www.mentalhealth.org.uk/help-information/mental-health-a-z/M/mindfulness/

More simple methods that I learned to be helpful-

Breath slowly – in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Count to 6 breathing in, count to 8 breathing out.

Shrug your shoulders then drop them consciously thinking about releasing the tension in the shoulders.

Warm bath or shower.

Coloring/drawing/painting/doodling sheet of paper and a pencil is all that is required.

5 minute service – a phone call, an email to a friend, smile for the clerk at the store, small bits of service lighten the heart.

Free writing – https://alternativehealthfortoday.wordpress.com/2009/12/03/free-writing-therapy-as-a-method-of-relaxation/ At first write for only 5 minutes.

Open and shut your hands – stretch your hands as open as possible then scrunch them into fists then open your hands again. Rubbing my wrists helps too.


I recommend using a 3×5 card to write down several simple self-soothing methods and keep them in your wallet or purse to remind yourself things that work for you.  KISS it.  Too complicated and during times of stress it is too much to work out.  Simple slides past the barriers of anxiety and high tension.  Simple easier to remember when the mind is swirling.  Simple is doable. Simple skills can be assembled into simple routines that can be practiced before sleeping or waking in the morning or after coming home from work.  Practice simple routines when relaxed like just before sleeping, waking up in the morning, for short mini breaks in the day, or after returning from work.  Practicing a routine prepares you to use that when high anxiety shuts off most thinking.



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