Facebook works like email used to, it brings me inspiration and encouragement everyday.  I cheer with family and friends that are making steps forward and mourn with those that are hurting.  I chose pages that lift me up and friends that share pages that lift them up.  Today is a poem that I first saw in an email years ago.  It was lost to me for a long time.  Now someone found it and posted it again with hopefully credit to the right person.

Check out this poem…it’s not what you think at first glance!
It was written by an 11th grader in Brooklyn, NY named Chanie Gorkin.
She posted it at & somehow, it found its way to a bar in North London, where a man took a picture of it & posted it to Twitter. Now it’s going viral!
Read it top to bottom – then bottom to top & you’ll see what I mean. Share it with someone who needs it. It may be just the sentiment you, or a friend, needs to see today.
Reverse poemI believe this is one of the best examples of perspective controlling our lives.  It shows that how we look at things can make all the difference.  There is hope.  I believe it.  I felt it.  I live it.

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