Prevention better than cure

I am always looking for new information to share that I believe might be helpful.  This blog:

Is about a book on how to teach children about child abuse, “Some secrets should never be kept.”  Several of the blog posts have a number of excellent ideas on how to help children.  So why have this on a PTSD page?  One of the statistics that I read is that 50% of the people with PTSD were sexually molested as a child.  That is one whopping percentage. I will add this to the resource page as another place to get information.  I am not an expert but I learned a lot from my own experience.  Sometimes I rage at what happened to me.  Other times I feel resigned.  Eventually I feel acceptance that this is what happened to me but that does not make it acceptable.  Seems kind of contradictory.  It would be a wonderful world if there was no child abuse, no war, no hunger, no suffering, no…..nope that doesn’t work.  Those things are in this world.  It is part of the human condition.  We are not wrapped in cotton/wool and placed in a box until we are adults.  Part of this world is these challenges.  A seed must become totally undone to grow.  A butterfly is the end of the caterpillar.  Decay and bugs are part of life’s cycle.  But that doesn’t stop me from sharing information that might help someone prevent a child from becoming another abuse statistic.

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