Mourn with those the mourn

Sorrow, sadness, grief expressed and felt for those that suffer through out the world.  It is OK to grieve together.  Yes, symptoms of PTSD such as anxiety, overwhelming emotions, and nightmares, to name a few, may increase during times of tragedy.  I do not believe that grieving with France, lessens or negates, the sorrow caused by the earthquake in Japan or the bombing in Beirut.  Bad things happen daily.  Some catch the attention of the press.  Some events are so horrific that people can’t believe it is happening.  It will change our view.  It should.  A life changing experience should change our lives.  Mourning with those that mourn allows a time to feel sad.  To feel what we should feel, sorrow for those that were killed and injured.  Grief for those few that believe violence helps bring attention to their cause.  Gratitude for the amazing people that step up to help the fallen and fearful.  The rallying strength of determination to heal.  From a very young age, I am familiar with man’s inhumanity to man.  Fortunately, I lived long enough to see the kindness, courage, and reaching out to others that also happens.  The poor choices of a few grabs our attention for a moment.  It is the kindness of others that consoles our hearts and are remembered for a life time.  I will recommit to bringing kindness into my daily actions.  I cannot change what occurred in Paris, however, I can work at bringing kindness to those I encounter tomorrow.

_RM25685Find heart in the midst of adversity.

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