Self care

One of the challenges of CPTSD is the long time belief that I am not worth taking care of.  I work at reminding myself that I am worth taking care of myself.  Nurturing, tender, proper care is not self indulgence.  It is taking the time to take care of myself in a healthy way.  Self care doesn’t take a lot of money but it does take time.  I’m worth taking the time to care for myself.  It also helped that my counselor taught me to stop expecting someone else to take care of me.  I know what I need when I slow down a listen to my own quite inner self that is quietly begging me to take care of me.  The inner critic is loud and obnoxious attempting to drown out the quite voice that says, “get some rest”, “take time to cook a proper meal”, “do something to nourish me.”  Goal this year.  Do one thing a day to take care of me.


Self Care

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