Learning From SEAL survival

I help out in the school library/tech center.  I am help supervise students that are using the computers during one class time.  When all is going well, I get bored.  Since there are shelves and shelves of library books, I do the most logical thing and see what’s on the shelf.  Surprised me when I came across the SEAL Survival Guide by Cade Courtleyhttp://www.sealsurvival.com/category/blog/ Of course I took it home.  It was on my list to read and there it was begging to come home with me.  Then I didn’t open it.  Ever done that?  Found something that you know will change you so you keep it shut?  The introduction was simply a brief personal history of Cade that shows he’s been there and committed to becoming a SEAL.  One of the quotes that struck me, “If we want a mission done right…we SEAL it.”  Am I the kind of person that gets a mission done?  I have plenty to think about on this one.  Too often with PTSD, I duck my head down and try to make it through the day.  I often feel like I am treading water trying not to drown.  The SEAL survival book recommends using that energy to strike out and swim.

First chapter is expand your comfort zone.  Whoa….I was raised in a war zone, I am looking for my comfort zone.  I am realizing in that desperate search for my safe place, I’m hiding from living.  Ooo boy I’m on page 4 and Cade confirmed what my first counselor was trying to get me to do.  Treat life with a “Bring it on” attitude.  Get out of my comfort zone.  I already know that out of my comfort zone is a very scary place.  Two pages later….attack your fears.  This will not be a comfortable read.  However, I’m no longer looking for comfort, I want to live.  I will change my choices.  I will expand my comfort zone.  Cade suggests changing one routine at time.  Stretch what I believe I can do.

Hawk flying upside down to catch a treat.  How bad do you want it?

Hawk flying upside down to catch a treat. How bad do you want it?

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