Who decides hurt?

I enjoy Facebook pages that post stuff that encourages, makes me think, and agrees with me.




The reverse is also true.  If I tell someone they hurt me, they don’t get to decide that they didn’t.

One of the important things that I learned in counseling was I decide what hurts me.  As I struggle through, I sometimes lash out and hurt others.  Then I do not get to decide for someone else if I hurt them.  My job if I hurt someone is to acknowledge that it happened and apologize.  This is part of setting boundaries.  Hurt is a red flag that a boundary was crossed.  This can be emotionally or physically.  I set my boundaries.  I am responsible to protect my boundaries.  Others set their boundaries and protect themselves.  Including withdrawing from me if they feel I am not safe.  It is hard for me but I do understand.  I would like to get away from me too.



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