What causes PTSD?

Why do I feel so extremely irritated by this article?


It is an interesting thought out explanation how trauma affects the brain.  So why do I feel so pissed off, angry, upset, almost didn’t share the link.  I left it hanging out on my browser annoying me everyday because I wanted to figure why it annoys me.  I finally realized the assertion that our mind is sending a “False Alarm.”  There was nothing false about the trauma I experienced.  My abusers tried to tell me that what they did wasn’t that bad, didn’t really hurt, just my imagination.  It was bad damn it.  I live with the consequences of someone else behaving badly for years with no time off for good behavior.  I don’t want to accept the constant feeling of being alert constantly.  Then some human bent on getting in the line that is moving during rush hour even if they have to run me over to do it.  I am constantly scanning.  So the twitch of the front wheels and instantly knew the person was head into my lane no matter where I was.  I remind myself that it isn’t personal, probably didn’t see me in the mirror, or they really are a jerk and I am glad I don’t know them.  Heavy sigh.  My brain was on high alert for such a long time, it became a habit.  Current events reinforce the high alert feeling.


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2 thoughts on “What causes PTSD?

  1. So… they want to turn off the early warning system? Are they crazy? I don’t want to kill my hyperawareness; I use it every day. Of all the symptoms, frankly, I think that’s one of the minor ones. Then again, the article is treating symptoms not the problem. Okay, I know someone whose anxiety is helped by medication, but to assume it will help every PTSD victim is naive. Each person reacts to medication differently. I’m always leery of those who say, “Pop a pill and you’ll be fine.” That’s simply insane thinking.

  2. Is it weird that what especially bothers me is the part about how he suggests one’s self esteem seems to play a role in how they are affected by PTSD? I guess I kinda get it… but it bugs me. Feels a little like victim blaming, like if you had higher self esteem you wouldn’t have problems like this. Reminds me of a discussion with one therapist about PTSD and he asked how I felt about myself prior to a certain traumatic event. Told him that growing up being abused, my self esteem has never been very high and he asked “If it wasn’t low, do you think you would be handling things better?” Like that is something that can be changed now. I remember not being able to answer that or being open to talking about much after that. Just felt like it was my fault for not being able to cope well enough like a person with “normal” self esteem. Nothing like suffering and then being told by a professional that you’re only suffering this way because your self worth wasn’t/isn’t high enough.

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