New things begin

After endings, come beginnings.  Summer begins in 4 days.  Heat already arrived.  Winding down to finish off then gearing up to a new beginning.  I used to be afraid of endings.  I was afraid to let go of what I knew.  I was convinced that what was in the dark was even worse than what I endured.  Then I walked into the dark and discovered a peacefulness I didn’t know existed.  The further I walked away from my distorted past the more lovely my surroundings became.  Then I discovered the glowing light came from myself when I allowed myself to be the woman I always wished I was.  In the endings come new beginnings, fearing endings stopped me from finding those beginnings.

I can’t change my past….I can’t control my present…..I don’t know my future but my attitude is 100% mine.  My body may collapse but my sense of humor is always available.  My world may tilt and whirl however, I always loved a roller coaster.  My past still haunts me in the night but each day I wake up to creating a new future.  My counselor once suggested that I lose my “do or die attitude” because I was too hard on myself.  I looked at him solemnly, “I would have died without it.”  He thought for a minute then agreed in my situation, my attitude kept me alive.  For me, attitude is everything.


RM7_2098Lights at the Phoenix Botanical Garden.

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