Requires risk taking.  Risk taking requires courage. Courage is not without fear.  Fear is the measure if risk.  I am spending my summer on a huge adventure.  I am learning that part of the reason it is an adventure is things don’t turn out well.  Other times it is wonderful.  Yesterday our adventure led us to a 100 year old carousel  that is still functioning. I talked about it but it took my daughter hounding me to help me realize that on our grand adventure we could ride it.  We didn’t have to say no.  We could say yes.  It was awesome. My daughter pointed out how I talked myself out of doing what I wanted to do.  Many times I mention how important it is to say no.  Today I am reminding everyone you can say Yes.  say Yes to the good things in your life.  Say Yes to trying something new.  Say Yes to counseling.  Say Yes to self care.  Say Yes to yourself, you deserve good things in your life.  Have a great day….I’m off on more adventures.

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