Back to Basics

I was writing to someone that is working with a person diagnosed with disassociation.

No matter what level of disassociation there are some basics that help.

Grounding….I list that in my web page

Art – any and all kinds. I use coloring, drawing, photography, mixed media, collage, pretty much anything that allows expression without words.

Journal writing, a place to process what the mind is struggling with.  This is a powerful tool when allowed to use it to explore inner thoughts.  She may not trust this at first.  Always ask before reading passages.  Or write to share rather than writing to process.  It is two different types of writing.

Sleep – make sure actually sleeping at night.  Sleep deprivation increases disassociation.

Exercise. plenty of outdoor and what ever she enjoys.  Disassociation means you are out of touch with your body as well as your mind and emotions.  Physical activity helps to reconnect yourself to your body.

Memory games and other mind exercise help the mind stay in tough with itself.


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