Emotions Headache connection

I could have told the doctors there was a connection, however, they want proof, the kind you get off an MRI or other scientific proof.  They are getting that proof.  They are showing there is a link between abusing a child and actual physical long lasting trauma injuries.  Those that live it, know it.  But now the experts are amassing the proof.  The frustrating thing is there will still be those that deny that PTSD exists.  Frustrating.  I’m sharing the links here.  The articles are long and on the technical side.  It was nice to read some validation.

Word of warning.  Just because a person has migraines doesn’t mean the person suffers from childhood abuse.  Just because I don’t have migraines doesn’t mean I wasn’t abused.  The is a reason I am actually stating this.  When I had my children, I didn’t believe I suffered from depression because I didn’t cry.  After reading a book on depression, the chapter on baby blues revealed I had every symptom accept crying.  Symptoms are considered as a group of things that some people have some and others will have different symptoms.  The first list I saw was 21 different symptoms of PTSD.  I had 20 out of 21.  I still don’t cry much but I am getting better at it.



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