Safety Pins

I heard about people taking up the wearing of safety pins to show that people at risk are safe with them.  I checked out Snopes they shared their perspective.    In my opinion, it is an empty gesture at best.  At worse, it is way too easy for a ‘wolf’ to wear ‘sheep’ clothing or safety pins.  People on University are big at wearing safety pins.  Irony for me, my main abuser was a professor.  I was abused because I was a vulnerable and available.  I was told to trust adults.  The adults were not trustworthy.  I also believe there is another bit of irony was when my children were babies I used cloth diapers with safety pins.  I hated them.  If I wasn’t very careful they would pop open and I would have a screaming baby for a reason.  To me pins are sharp, painful objects and safety pins are only an illusion of safety.  Concern for others is best demonstrated by treating all people with respect.  Stop the man bashing jokes, ditch the dumb blonde teasing, end fat shaming, stop ridiculing others for their beliefs…..become colored blind to the tone of any person’s skin.  Just a beginning.  The main people I hear spouting hate are the sore losers.  The people screaming that our nation will be ruined are destroying their own neighborhoods.  The ensuing chaos is making a mockery of their safety pin wearing.  If you want to protect vulnerable people get involved with groups supporting and helping others.  I grew up in a violent ugly world, I look for and pay kindness forward.  Ditch the safety pins and help your neighbor, fellow student, listen to your children, commit random acts of kindness.  Every person can make a difference, starting with the person next to you.

Mother Teresa — ‘Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.’          include yourself.

I will now get off my soapbox.


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