Facts and Fallacies

The amazing thing about exploring human condition and choosing to change my life is tumbling through facts and fallacies, or often the case of opinions dressed up to look like facts.  One of the difficulties I have with the “Law of attraction” is that it is easy to punch a bazillion holes in it.  I did a search for fallacy of Law of Attraction and plenty was written.  Do I believe in self-fulfilling prophecy?  Yes I do.   I also believe that sometimes life happens…..no particular reason.  Then there is another category that can really impact me, things happen for a reason and sometimes that reason is a poor choice on my part or someone else’s.  Some people benefit from positive thoughts to get positive results.  Some people are happier getting negativity out of their lives.  Happy excited people do attract other happy excited people because when I was depressed being happy and excited was more energy than I had to spend.  I realized early on that the positivity gurus did not want my troubled soul at their party.  I had too many dark places.  Time and again when people crow about leaving all negetivity behind they are cutting out half of themselves.  A photograph, a drawing, a tapestry need the dark places to balance and accentuate the light parts.  If the “law of attraction” appeals to you and motivates you to improve your life, then use it.  If like me, you feel like you were left out of that equation don’t worry find your own path of encouragement.  I believe in rainbows and hope and kind people and happiness, I also except that there is sorrow and grief and dark days and abusive people.  There was a time in my life that I felt more comfortable with abuser because that was what I was used to happening.  My counselor taught me to change what I was used to.  He taught me to expect to be treated with respect.  He taught me to view my world differently….he taught me to see the roses that were right there but I was so focused on the thorns I didn’t see them.  The world is a mixed up tanglely thing that brings you down to Earth with a bang or bumblebee’s fly when it is aerodynamically impossible for them to do so.



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